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January Update

First off, if anyone is still reading this blog- I apologize for neglecting it. I am very active on Youtube and I also have an Instagram profile. To be honest...I get hardly any interaction on this blog, so I feel like I am speaking to myself. Things are going well with my New-New Consultant! She gets my hair re-tightened in less than 3 hours! Also, I am training for a half-marathon and having Sisterlocks has made things so simple from a hair perspective! I am truly experiencing hair freedom!
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October Update::Another New Consultant?

Note: I wrote this post on October 28th. And then left it in draft mode until today (January 29, 2018). I am just now posting it because I felt it wise to speak with all parties involved before sharing with whoever might read this post. Does anyone read this blog? Let me know. This weekend (October 28th) I went for my 3rd re-tightening with my new consultant. The service is great, but the length of the service is just not working for me and my family. Retie #1: 7 hours Retie #2: 8.5 hours Retie #3: 6.5 hours Average Time: 7 hours 15 minutes She is a trainee working part-time. My locs were tag-team established by a SL Trainer (meaning she conducts the 4 day SL Training Class Sessions) and a very experienced SL Consultant. They both work full-time providing SL services.  I think my this point in "too much" for my new consultant. I scheduled a full-out consultation with my original consultant to get her opinion on how my hair is progressing and h

September Re-tightening::Bunching Update, 2nd Retie with New Consultant

I asked myself how did I skip my August re-tightening post...then saw it in the draft, then remembered that I made a change that was totally my fault and I ended up editing my August post and it auto-saved, so I just took it down...sigh. Then I just looked and realized my September post was never posted. I have been full steam in a very productive season and I am now in a small lull. Quick Recap: I am seeing a new consultant (watch this video to learn why). On to September Age of my Locs: 1 year, 10 months, 10 days (or 22 months 10 days) Weeks since last retie: 5 weeks Length of retie:  8.5 hours...this has been the biggest adjustment to switching consultants. For those of you doing research on Sisterlocks, know that that timeframe is extremely high. I am used to 3-3.5 hours. Slippage/Bunching/Loc Repair: My super soft temple area locs, and only 2 from the nape area! Whoot!Whoot! The majority of my nape locs have made it through 2 re-tightenings! More about bunching:

3D Microblading on Dark Skin::Day by Day Journal (Days 06-10) with Pictures

Day 06-10::June 6-10 Journal I woke up on day 06 and there is some flaking off on the tail and head of my right eyebrow. In addition to Alena ( explaining the healing process to me, I had an idea of what to expect from researching the procedure and reading/watching other people's experiences. I think the picture below is very accurate (and cute!). Note: I do not own the copyright to the following image. The source is listed in the caption below. Source:

Product Review:: Sweet Sleep Slumber Cap and a Giveaway!

Note: These products were sent me to free by Virtuous Creations. All thoughts and opinions expressed are unbiased and my own. Would you prefer to watch the video? Click this  link !  Website: Instagram: Facebook: Item Reviewed: Sweet Sleep Slumber Cap in Pink Polka Dots Customer Service: I emailed Madam Vanessa Johnson, the owner/founder/creator of the SSSC and she has always been quick to respond. And side note...she is a fellow believer in Jesus Christ. Construction: High Quality Craftsmanship (Craftswomanship?)- all the raw edges are finished and the cap is made from a satiny soft material. Fit, Comfort and Ease of Use: The fit is based off how tightly one ties the generously proportioned "tails" and if you can tie a traditional headscarf, you can tie on this cap.  Now for the Giveaway! Giveaway Rules 1. Like/Follow VCreations on Facebook AND Instag

3D Microblading on Dark Skin::Day by Day Journal (Days 01-05) with Pictures

Day 0::May 31st, 2017 Immediate Aftercare Routine Part 1: Wipe gently with a cotton round dampened with distilled water. Apply Ointment. (Every 15 minutes for 2 hours) Immediate Aftercare Routine Part 2: Wipe gently with a cotton round dampened with distilled water. Apply Ointment. (Every 30 minutes for 2 hours) Note: Alena said I had a lot of lymph (lymphatic fluid), so she had me wipe/apply ointment every 15 minutes for the first 2 hours. She typically just has people wipe/apply ointment every 30 minutes for the first 4 hours. The ointment was given to me. I came in a tiny container that had the Phi Brows logo on it. Colour- I am not sure exactly what colour pigment she used (either "Arabian Night" or "Brown") but she added a red pigment ("Warm Effect") to keep the pitment from becoming cool/ashy. Overnight I did bump my left eyebrow with the back of my hand. I woke up in a panic LOL. I am a back sleeper. Day 01-05::June 1-5 Journal Afte

My 3D Micoblading Eyebrows Experience on Dark Skin::Come Browse My New Brows!

This has been a long time coming! I had 3D Microblading services performed on May 31st at Art Brows, LLC ( ) by Alena. If you visit, please tell her I sent you! Link to  My previous post about Microblading Link to My 3D Microblading Video If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below or in the video comment. I will be documenting the healing process over the next 10 days (blog readers will get the day, but day updates, whereas video viewers will get the compilation video in 10 days)